UX/UI and graphic designer based in Barcelona, working in product design and branding. Continuously learning and iterating.

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Pau Vendrell Espluga


Drac - 2023

Art direction and branding for a candle company.


DRAC is a fictional candle company created in collaboration with the MEV Museum in Vic and Adhoc Cultura based on the museum’s artworks.

The intent of the project was to explore the role and spaces left for iconography in modern times. After being true, immovable signals for communicating in the medieval ages, symbols today are carefully shaped and bent to the designer’s will to communicate.

The dragon serves as the protagonist and a clear example: While the colors and shapes are kept mostly intact, the beast is tamed into a mere mascot for a brand that sells scented candles.

DRAC allowed me to mix my designer and artistic backgrounds, intertwining complex thought with aesthetics and functionality.