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Ca l'Agustí - 2023

Art direction and branding for a local restaurant.

Ca l’Agustí is a restaurant nestled in the mountains south of the Pyrenees. Slowly but surely, it has become a cornerstone of the local gastronomy scene. Its unique geographical location, situated at the convergence of three distinct mountain roads, has transformed it into a hub for the surrounding small communities.
I aimed to propel the brand into the future while commemorating the journey thus far with a small advertising campaign to draw attention to neighboring towns. The focus of the campaign revolves around their renowned special species of potatoes, known as trumfos.
The outcome is a modern and playful aesthetic that preserves the original building’s exterior red. The scattered typefaces allude to the melting-pot ambiance, while also signaling a departure from the conventional, breathing fresh air into a beloved institution.